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Moved to Dreamwidth

Posted on 2017.01.02 at 09:46
Current Music: Into The West
Due to the fact that the Live Journal servers have been moved to Russia, not to mention the strong possibility that the English side of Live Journal will be shut down, the contents of this journal have been moved to Dreamwidth.

At this time all entries in the Dreamwidth journal are set to private until I have time to fix the table of contents links and find a new image hosting service for the screenshots. Hopefully that will be before the Scrapbook here gets turned off.

My Dreamwidth Journals:

The account that is storing this journal's entries is here: Lady MorningStar at Dreamwidth.

My personal journal is here: Crown of Antlers at Dreamwidth

It saddens me to leave, for I have been here for over a decade, but nothing lasts forever.